About Us

Our Philosophy

Providing clients with the resources, knowledge, skills and technical assistance to succeed.

Our Vision

To be the best known, professional and technical excellence consulting firm with a passion for client focused reliable solutions.

Our Mission

To widen our advisory solutions and expertise in providing outstanding value for clients to achieve their desired goal.

Academic Research

Academic research provides an opportunity to explore an area that interests you. It makes rigorous and relevant contribution to knowledge through systematic investigation into a problem or situation. Research establishes facts and through organized inquiry, it provides information for the solution to a problem. There are numerous ways of conducting an academic research. The methodology of the research depends on the subject and its design. However, depending on the problem, academic research requires review of relevant literature, collection of data, processing and analysis of data to generate report. We can help you:

1. To develop your relevant skills for using various methods for conducting a research in your area of interest.
2. To guide you in developing a research proposal.
3. To support in your review of relevant literature.
4. To help you in preparing the questionnaire for collecting data (field survey).
5. To facilitate you in processing and analyzing data along with generating report.
6. To solve your complex problems in the process of completing your research.

Business Research

Business research involves acquiring information for commercial purposes such as determining opportunities and goals for a business. It is an important management activity that helps companies to take decisions on various aspects. Business research helps companies in better understanding of the needs and requirements of the existing and potential customers. Also, it helps to know competitors’ move in the market. We can help you:

1. To identify your business problems.
2. To carry out a systematic research relating to your business problems.
3. To address ethical issues in business research appropriately.
4. To provide solutions to your business problems.

Development Research

Development research refers to research that is development oriented, which provides answers to several development problems. It can also be referred to research that accelerates development. Development research assesses changes over an extended period of time which can be undertaken using several methods such as longitudinal, cross sectional, and cross sequential. We at Chomnan International Consultancy aim at providing relevant and actionable measures by conducting research on several developmental aspects of Cambodia as well as Asian region.